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The Backshop has been using Lionel Supplements for several years and found them difficult to find an exploded diagram and/or parts list quickly.  East Texas Model Trains was asked to assist in solving this problems.  With a dedicated team, East Texas Model Trains has created a product number index for the supplements 10 through 47 in a PDF format.

By using your Lionel catalog number or Lionel product number, you should be able to scan our index in numeric order to find the supplement number with the referenced page number within that supplement for a exploded diagram and/or parts list.

Supplement 1 through 9 is not included in our index, however the supplement is here for your viewing.  This first supplement is 75MB in size with over 1300 items listed.  The authors of this supplement have created a table of contents that is built by category,  alphabetical index within each category, and if you scroll way down to page XIX (page 19 of the index) you will find a numerical listing of the product numbers inside this supplement with references to the page numbers for diagrams and/or parts lists.  The numerical index of this supplement starts with product number 217 an ends with product number 9703.  Take extra time to view this supplement for early Lionel products.

If your product search is not found in Supplement 1 - 9, be sure to review our index and Supplement 10 for additional 4 numeric product numbers.

This information is provided free of charge.  East Texas Model Trains is not responsible for incorrect information inside the supplements, however if notified of an inaccuracy in our index, we will correct the index information only and repost the index file.  Use our Contact Us page to send any inaccuracies to the index file.

Thank You

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