Shane has been a train enthusiast since boyhood. As a youngster, he and his brother would hop on their bikes and race each other to the local hobby shop to spend hours looking at all the trains, accessories and displays.

In later years, Shane returned to model railroading. He purchase a Texas & Pacific Section House, had it moved to his property, renovated the building and built an HO layout inside. He would put the word out and 15 or so HO enthusiasts would come in several times a year, have operating sessions and see which one could tell the

biggest tale.

The day came that Shane and his wife moved to East Texas. Shane salvaged the structures and boxed up all the locomotives, rolling stock, cars, people, and accessories for the big move. After they settled into their new home, Shane once again returned to model railroading.

In 2012, Shane started building his new HO layout. It took two years to build new benchwork, lay track, wire and do all the scenery. Time came to remove all the structures from the boxes and finish the scenery and dioramas. The Texas & Gulf Short Line was open for business.

He has modeled the Texas & Pacific, Cotton Belt and M-K-T from Fort Worth to Beaumont but concentrated on the segment from Alto to with Lufkin. Shane has built staging yards at Fort Worth and Beaumont.

The size of the new layout fits into a room 25 x 25, operations is a point to point, however Shane installed a couple of switches where it becomes a continuous running layout.

Shane host’s operating sessions during the year by inviting 5 or 6 guys in. They work with train orders, spotting cars, running locals and through trains.  Operating like the big boys adds to the sessions.

Shane has modeled his original Texas & Pacific Section House and when you remove the roof, there is a representation of his former train layout inside.

As a active member of the Southwestern Live Steamers,

Shane operates a coal fired Cotton Belt steam locomotive an a Cotton Belt GP 7 diesel locomotive.  With a car shop at home, Shane has enough rolling stock to make up a nice freight.

Texas & Gulf Short Line

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Shane's layout in action.

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