January 16, 2016 we made a return visit to the Republican Valley Railroad for an update on the layout.  However, there was one new addition to the RVRR.  Brian has added the new MTH WiFi remote control system to his already installed DCS system.  Now he can run trains and operate his layout using his iPad.

Brian tells us the story how he got into the model train hobby.

December 2000, Ruth, his wife, gave him a Lionel starter set for Christmas.  The set came with a steam locomotive, rolling stock, O-31 tubular track and power.  After the first of the year, Brian built a 4 x 8 table and mounted up the starter set for operation.

As with trains, the 4 x 8 foot bench work wasn't big enough and the room seemed to over whelm the trains and small bench work.  What was a 4 x 8 foot became a 6 x 10 foot bench work in 2001 and the introduction of Atlas track and turnouts replaced the tubular track from the starter set.

Once the new bench work was completed, Brian decided he needed a small industrial - switching yard.  Along the opposite side of the room, he hung a shelf that would become the next addition to this display, the Timesaver Switching Yard.

When the yard was completed, the trains had no way to get from the main line to the yard.  This called for the construction of one additional section called the Revine and Bridge section.  Now, everything was all tied together.

By 2008, the layout was complete and there was no additional space for more trains to run.  The walls received some shelving for displaying that starter set and newer acquisitions.

Enough said, time to check in and see the action of the Republican Valley RR.