Randy started his train hobby with HO trains.  Then one day he found it hard to see them and getting them aligned for operation.  That's when he decided to change gauge and he ended up with O gauge - 3 rail trains.

Randy says he's had more fun since the change to 3 rail trains and now that he is started building his 3rd layout version in his converted garage, he tells us the room is not big enough.  But who knows, maybe someday Randy will have that 30 x 80 foot room he talks about, from time to time.

Randy really likes the N&W steamers, but he also has KCS and Southern locomotives on his layout.  An, if he wants a locomotive that's not in production, he has one repainted.  Original locomotives are not scared cows to Randy.

Randy's a member of a group of 3 railers in the Shreveport/Bossier City area.  They get together almost every Wednesday night as they all take turns going from one layout to another running trains and talking about the hobby.

They've scheduled a train show in Shreveport the Spring of 2015 at the Shreveport's River View Hall.  Shreveport has been without a train show for several years and these 3 railers feel it's time to get Shreveport back into the train show business.

We made a trip over to Randy's converted garage to see what he has built so far and see some of his trains, production models as well as repainted locomotives.  Randy will be using Lionel's Fastrak in his new layout design, Lionel's Legacy Command System and Lionel's TMCC.  Randy will be able to run conventional locomotives along with command locomotives.  Randy wants his layout to be versital for any operator that comes to run trains on his "under construction" layout.