Pat's Model Train Collection

O Gauge 3 Rail

S Gauge

With an enticing email from a gentleman in Shreveport / Bossier City, the invitation to make the trip to view a model train layout that had the following features was something that could not be past up.

     •  3 trains running at one time on one layout,

     •  Second layout in the back room,

     •  Amusement park with operating balloon ride, carousel, bumper car ride and several others,

     •  The use of ceramic buildings with LED blinking ligths,

     •  Fire trucks, police cars with blinking red lights,

     •  Shelves from floor to ceiling in 2 1/2 rooms full of locomotives and rolling stock,

     •  Expect to see something new everytime you visit,

     •  Being impressed by Pat's vast knowledge about his collection,

     •  Being overwhelmed, well that is an understatement.

The descripting was just too much that one had to see this train building for ones self.

A building that was built in 1991, finished in 3 weeks, used by the kids as a game room, starting an agressive collecting campaign that started in 2003 and moved into this building, they say, "Seeing is believing!"

Just take a look for yourself.

Filmed January 2015