The Medlin Branch Line

See you on down the line

The Medlin Branch Line Railroad migrates from a solid plan into more interesting features with each visit we make.  An avid MoPac and Texas & Pacific fan, this line has lots of rolling stock and locomotive power.  So much so, that the Medlin Branch Line is adding a large yard under the main layout table.  This layout measures 24 by 16 feet and just as the name 'hobby' implies, gets attention when the mood strikes.  Although the train building is insulated, has heat and air, the Medlin Branch Line always draws attention from many visitors and the Trainmaster is always in the mood to show off.

Powered by MTH Z4000 and equipped with MTH DCS System plus the Lionel TMCC System, this branch line is ready for operations as soon as you walk through the door.




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