Miller Cave Railroad

'The Azelia Route'

With power at the end of this around the wall layout, Tom can see everything that is going on.

Two loops of track, one with a dog bone, the other with continous loop, find where the loops cross each other and inter-connect.

Tom is using first generation TMCC by Lionel.

Tom had a portable building built in the back yard, had power ran to the building and a window air condittioner installed.  Even though the building is not insulated, the A/C unit does a good job of cooling the room.

Tom grew up around the Cotton Belt RR and has Cotton Belt locomotives equipment and rolling stock by Lionel and K-Line, and likes the colors of his Texas Special passenger trains.

Tom plans to get the existing operating accessories working and has a couple of other accessories in mind to add to this 2 loop layout.

Tom is a member of the Loblolly RR Crew runs on the Loblolly RR during the Tyler Train Show each year.  

When it came time to put in the Hell Gate Bridge by Mike's Train  House, Tom wanted the bridge to span a drop down space.

It's interesting how Tom inter-connects his loops on both sides of his layout.  The added siding at the passenger station and track design allows Tom to bring his passenger train in to the station from either loop.

This side of the layout runs the full length of the building and because the building is a little off of level, there's this natural grade for the trains to run through.