Tom has always had an interest in model railroading and when the time came for him to turn his interest into a reality, Tom choose the O gauge, 3 rail toy trains to work with.

Tom likes the Cotton Belt Railroad and with that thought in mind he started his railroad empire with a free standing building in his backyard.  With some help from his son, the built bench work inside this new building that measures 12 x 22 feet.

Working with Lionel TMCC and power by MTH Z4000 transformer, Tom has a very interesting track plan.

Miller Cave Railroad

'The Azelia Route'

Tom's track plan called for 2 loop of track, O-31 and O-42 curves and several turnouts.

Both mainline loops are inter-connected for switching from one loop to another and notice the interesting cross over reverse loop.

Tom also has the MTH Hell's Gate Bridge at the back of the layout with a drop down river bed.

Tom choose to use the MTH real Track system for his layout