Harvey's Railroad

Let's start out with the control panel and main operating station.

Sitting at the control panel, the operator can handle the throttles, throw the switches, operate all the accessories and uncouple trains at sidings and spurs.

The new Lionel Legacy System has been added to this action packed layout.

With plenty of Lionel stools around for the kids to sit on, we see Harvey keying up another Lionel locomotive for a hi-ball signal.

To the left of the control panel is this city scene with an operating #60 trolley.  

Across the back of the Harvey's Railroad, are a couple of loops of track and the Hellgate Bridge setup on the elevated line.

On this back corner, the operator has built this Firehouse scene.  He has a warm effection for the fire department and antique fire trucks.

Along with this coal unloading ramp, the operator of Harvey's Railroad has worked as many operating accessories as possible into the space of his layout.  With lots of action scenes, there's a lot to see on Harvey's Railroad.

Notice the 97 coaling tower, oil well, and log loader in this scene.  With the Bud set sitting on a spur line and a passenger train setting in the ready, each train waits for it's scheduled time on the layout.

To the right of the control panel a view of  a small yard, loop of track and some operating accessories.

From here we get a general view of the layout plus the back wall lined with shelves and trains on display.

Thanks for viewing Harvey's Railroad.