We want to introduce you to a new layout that's in the planning and design stages here in the southern part of East Texas.

George is a New York Central man because he's from the Bronx.  Having worked for a major national corporation, George and his family were transferred to East Texas in 1994.

New York Central - Ellis Branch Line

During his business travels of the southeast region of the U.S., George would hit every train shop and 2nd hand store he could fine, travel time permitting.  As a result of collecting trains since he was a kid, he has managed to amass a nice collection of Lionel trains.  You see, Lionel is the only real model trains in his opinion.

Now that George is retired and doesn't travel for business, he has some time to concentrate on designing and creating his model railroad empire.  

This video was shot with a phone and the quality is not like it should be.  However it has come to us for public viewing.  We have asked for an invitation for an onsite visit and take some new video but he tells us he's not ready for that yet.  George promises to let us know when he's ready for a new video to be made.

When Lionel came out with their new FasTrak system, George signed on straight away.  His local Hobby Lobby started carrying FasTrak and with those blessed Hobby Lobby coupon from the internet, George has stock piled enough track to build any track plan he can dream up.

George owns, operates a complete roster of command locomtives to compliment his roster of traditional locomotves and plans to use Lionel's TrainMaster Command Control (TMCC) to operate his layout, that is when he decides on a permanant track plan.

NYC Box Electric

George has built his own Army train.