The Country Caboose Railroad

Santiago Calatrava Bridge Model

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is one of three new bridges being built over the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas.  The bridge has a total lenght of 1870 feet with a main span of 1197 feet.

When Jim read about this bridge in the Dallas Morning News, he started a quest to build a model for his railroad empire, except instead of cars for his bridge, trains would cross his Calatrava bridge.

With construction of the Dallas bridge beginning in the spring of 2007, Jim traveled to Dallas to find the modeled exhibit.  With camera in hand, he took photos, studied and made notes about the cable work of the bridge.

After returning home, Jim started planning his bridge, building his 4 foot model.  More information about the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas, may be views on Wikipedia.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas, Texas

Designed by Santiago Calatrava