The Country Caboose Railroad

Jim prepared his roadbed with Homosoke and Garfrave track and switches.  The track plan has two mainline loops and reversing loops providing an exciting operating layout.  Both mainline loops are inter-connected and cross over each other in several locations.  The operators really have to be on their toes or train wrecks will happen.

Jim operates with Lionel TMCC and MTH DCS systems and all of the turnouts are operated from his control panel.  Powered by 2 MTH Z-4000 transformers, Jim's layout is in a state of Christmas all year long.

Jim spends his after Christmas winter months working on his layout and now that it's completed, Jim finds time to do little things to the layout to add interest and operating fun with his trains.

Take a tour of some old pictures of his layout taken over a period of years.  Be sure to take a good look at the Santiago Calatrava cable suspension bridge Jim built from a model of the new bridge in Dallas, TX.

History on the Country Caboose

The Country Caboose Railroad started out to being a 3 rail empire in an old Santa Fe caboose Jim bought and placed on his property.  However, plans changed and Jim built a building in his backyard for his new railroad empire.

A building 24 x 44 foot was built, complete with restroom, heating and air conditioning.  Then construction of The Country Caboose empire was underway.

The bench work measures 16 x 24 and constructed in an E platform.  With solid support structure and plywood top constructed, work began on track laying followed by wiring.  With each loop consisting of a little over 100 feet of track, Jim used chicken grit for ballast.

With a collection of Christmas Village and Department 56 buildings, the plan called for a Christmas themed railroad empire.