Ben & His Toy Trains

Longview, TX

In 2011, Ben started working on a new toy train layout.  Ben had some trains before but a flood many years earlier created a total lost of all the trains he had collected over the years.  Now that he's retired, he and his wife Lisa are working together to create another new toy train layout.  

Ben would set up his trains in the house an at one time had a train table top built on cynder blocks.  The living room was his train room and one day his wife approached him, "Why don't you move the trains into the garage?"

That's music to a train persons ears.  So down came the layout, cynder blocks an all, and construction soon began on a 12 x 14 foot bench work.  The garage was cleaned out and fixed up with some modified lighting plus some air conditioning.

With some assistance from his next door neighbor, materials were soon coming into the garage and the new bench work was underway and made ready for some track.  The idea came to get some green outdoor carpet an place on the table top layout.  Neighbor to the rescue again!

Once that benchwork and carpet were in place, Ben started putting down  Lionel's Fastrack and came up with an interesting turn-around-loop that we've never seen before, not that we've seen a lot of layouts with turn-around-loops.

With the track down and wired up to his control panel and a new Lionel transformer, Ben was ready to start running trains.

Then Ben's wife got the bug and she volunteered to assist Ben with the landscaping.  Out came some of the Christmas buildings and placed around the tracks.  Lisa is one of those wivies that ever toy train loving man hopes to marry.

During the Tyler Train Show, Ben stopped by the Loblolly RR display and started talking to one of the Crew members.  After a little talking, Ben thought he might like to get involved with the Loblolly Crew and asked about joining.  When he asked, the Crew memeber replied, "Your a member!"  So begins another adventure for Ben and Lisa.  Shortly after the show, we received an invitation to visit Ben and Lisa and to see the start of their toy train display.

We've put together a short movie of Ben and Lisa's efforts so far.  They are making plans to build a mountain, put in a #60 trolley line and Ms. Lisa tells us that the layout theme will be a Christmas Winter Wonderland layout when she is finished.  Being from Scranton, PA, they know all about Christmas and wintery sences.  So, let's take a look at what promises to be a Christmas layout in Texas.