Shreveport, LA

Several years ago, the ARK-LA-TEX HO Train Club from Shreveport, LA had to opportunity to purchase a railroad passenger coach.  The idea was to move the coach to a permanent location and turn it into a club house.

At the time of the purchase the coach did not have wheel sets under her.  Not a problem!  The club search and found some wheel sets, obtained a section of track, and the move was underway.

With all the equipment in place, the coach was loaded onto a heavy hauling truck and hauled some 20 miles east of Shreveport to its new home.

After the coach was set up and in place, work began on the inside to make a HO layout that runs from end of the coach to the other.  The new coach is now the home of the ARK-LA-TEX HO Club.

ARK-LA-TEX HO Club Update:  May 8, 2015

We had the opportunity to get up close with the Ark-La-Tex HO Club layout at the Shreveport Train show.  With a little help from Tom, we were able to get our camera down at track level and shoot a video of their train show layout.  Take a ride on the Ark-La-Tex HO Train Show Layout.